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So life is physical, mental and spiritual.

I have a body. It needs to be fed, cleaned, exercised, prepared to best house the experience of life. It is my confirmation tool -- through sensation. It is how I gather information, through its 6 senses, this is how I assess my beliefs through body emotions.

I have a mind. It needs to be fed, cleaned, exercised and prepared to best process the information received by the body and the intellect. It is my learning tool -- through memory, through judgement, through understanding, through imagination, through prediction, through logic.

I have a spirit. It needs to be fed, cleaned, exercised and prepared to best connect to the Divine Source of Life. It is my motivation tool -- through intuition (diving knowing), inclination, intention, heart desire.

A daily spiritual practice feeds, cleans, exercises and prepares these things for use. A daily spiritual practice keeps one in tune and aware of these things. A daily spiritual practice uses, celebrates and enjoys these things. A daily spiritual practice gives thanks for these things.

What can I do to feed, clean, excrcise and prepare my body? Engage in sweat inducing physical activity that is varied; massage, eat clean nutritious food, drink clean water, engage your senses in interesting ways. Medititate to bring awareness to the emotions being felt within. Bathe and clean your living space. Cathart, purge, allow emotions to be expressed.

What can I do to feed, clean, exercises and prepare my mind? Meditate to determine the proper role of the mind, engage new ideas, practice empathy by exploring differing perspectives, practice curiosity, vision, check the chatterbox; goal set/plan; create systems of organization

What can I do to feed, clean, exercise and prepare my spirit? Pray, meditate, listen and observe nature, practice presence, forgiveness, detachment, silence, ritual/ceremony, honor the sacred

A spiritual practice has its basis in the balance of the maintenance and development of these facets. You can create whatever you want, but you can best create those things through first creating a foundation that is strong, connected. Everyday you must engage and calibrate these things. Daily.


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