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Washington, DC, 2046.  Three developers are hacked when they try to make a video game that makes America great. 2014 MAP Fund Grant Recipient.  (Woolly Mammoth Commission)

Washington, DC, 2012.  An art history professor accused of playing the race card to get ahead, fights to maintain her sanity and prove the merit of her academic contributions.  (Taft Museum Commission.)


Harlem 1940s - 60s - Claude "Sonny" Brown grows up in Harlem amid impossible odds.  A limited television series.

1930 - 2012.  The evolution of socialite activism among Black women funding the Black liberation cause.  (A Project Y Women in Theatre Commission for ALL HANDS ON DECK, a series curated by Antu Yacob.  Inspired by the scholarship of Tanisha Ford.)

CATALOGUE OF MUSICALS (click photo for more info)

Philadelphia, 2017.  On the day of her grandmother's memorial service, Ruth Ann uses her imagination to figure out how to prevent the loss of her family legacy.  Co-Librettist, Composer and Lyricist, Nolan Williams.  A NeWorks Production.

CATALOGUE OF Full Length PLAYS (click photo for more info)




Cleveland, 2018.  A facilitator explores the wild associations of her subconscious mind as she recalls a mandated implicit-bias training she facilitated for the CPD. Oh, yeah... and there's a, bat, canary, crocodile, elephant and a mantis shrimp.  (NNPN-Cleveland Public Theatre Commission)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1996.  A brotherhood of 3 Brooklynites take a man-cation to Rio for cheap thrills, only to discover the cost of their fantasy to their brotherhood is higher than they ever could have ever imagined. 

South of the Mason Dixon Line, 1961.  4 integrated students from 4 different parts of the U.S. board a southbound bus to dismantle segregation and change America forever. (University of Missouri, Kansas City Commission)

Cumberland County, NJ 2014.  A family's culturlal traditions clash with a championship-bound high school football team. (NJPAC Stage Exchange/Luna Stage Commission.)

Graphic by: Carrie Osgood

2004.  Two women - one in Harare, Zimbabwe the other in Los Angeles, CA - try to cope with the implications of an HIV diagnosis from the first moment of discovery to the first moment of attempted disclosure (though serious, it's hilarious)

Essex County, NJ 2010.  A Newark mother, limited by the redlining of her public school district, decides to get her daughter a better education outside of their neighborhood. (Luna Stage Commission)

Suburbs of Tulsa, OK, 2001.  A woman lobbies her family to join a class action law suit for reparations, and discovers that the government isn't the only one from whom she should demand an apology. (Featured on Channel Thirteen's "Theatre Close Up")

Maryland, 1859.  An enslaved woman separated from the love of her life, works to put her family back together after emancipation.(Dr. Heather Andrea Simms & Kathy A. Perkins Commission; inspired by the scholarship of Dr. Heather Andrea Simms)



Manhattan, 2013.  An up-and-coming R&B superstar, Prince, tries to find someone to love, but to his disco-diva-icon of a mother no woman will ever be good enough.  Based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Princess and the Pea.  One Act.  (Strange Dog Theatre Commission)

Ferguson, MO, 2015.  High school girls negotiate a move from their local unaccredited school, to a "better" one by joining the cheerleading team. One Act.  (A.C.T  Young Conservatory Commission)

Milwauke, WI, 2020.  High school seniors embark on a journey to make sure their virtual graduation transcends the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  One Act.  (First Stage Commission presented during on the Youth Night of the Milwaukee Black Theatre Festival, 2021)

Ten Minute Plays

Here We Are - 2020 (Theatre For One/Octopus Theatricals)

           In a post-apocolyptic alternate reality, one space explorer scouts a new place for humanity to live while musing about how to make our collective second go-'round better than the first.  NY Times Critics Pick


Keepers - 2014 (48 Hours in Harlem Commission)

           In a post-apocolyptic alternate reality, 3 Black men try to escape the post traumatic stress of the past by reoconnecting with their lost ancestral identity

Mahogany Corpo - 2015 

           An alternate reality.  A woman tries to return a part of her Black beauty deluxe package.

Peace Officer Privilege - 2015 (NBF Commission)

           Dymond Milburn and her mother rehash the details of Dymond's assault in hopes to renew a chance at justice - (based on true story of Dymond Milburn)

Unknown Thousands - 2015 (Every 28 Hours/One Minute Play Festival Commission)

            Centuries of American history recall the unjust murder of Black people at the hands of American law enforcement century by century, name by name. (4 minute piece)

Birthday Wishes - 2016 (Western Michigan University Commission)

             A son tries to get his aging mother to tell him the truth about his father before it's too late.  Inspired by Bruce Springsteen's song "Secret Garden."

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