MINTON'S PLACE, a new musical in development - original story, music and lyrics composed by Nolan Williams, book by Nikkole Salter, directed by Robert Barry Fleming  - was presented during the Cleveland Playhouse's New Ground Theatre Festival, Saturday, May 19, 2018

Director Robert Barry Fleming and Composer, Lyricist Nolan Williams promote the development of MINTON'S PLACE (book by Nikkole Salter)

Nikkole Salter and Preston Butler, III interviewed on Cleveland's WKYC program "Lakeside Today' about their performances in THE ROYALE at Cleveland Playhouse.

Lines in the Dust at the Black Theatre Troupe in Phoenix, AZ

TORN ASUNDER reviewed on St. Louis Public Television program "Two on the Aisle"

WTOP Interviews Macbeth Director and Cast - Jason Fraley
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Prosecast – Macbeth - The Shakespeare Theatre
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Photo by: Tony Powell

Check out the second season of "Theatre Close-UP," featuring the Crossroads Theatre Company's production of Nikkole Salter's new play REPAIRING A NATION!  Full airing and streaming is scheduled to begin February 18, 2016.

This program is viewable only to streaming in the NY/NJ/CT area.

A Call for Revolutionary Theatre

The Black Theatre Commons invited Nikkole to contribute to their collection of conversations about the REVOLUTIONARY BLACK THEATRE of the current generation.  Other featured contributors are Kamilah Forbes, Jamil Jude, Keith Josef Adkins, Claudia Alick, Awoye Timpo, Harold Steward, and Sade Lythcott among others.

Another NY Times Pick

Reviewer Maya Phillips of the NY Times in a piece published on Sept. 13th labels Theater for One's HERE WE ARE: Part 2 a "critics pick" as well, and says, "...it's the piece that gives the series its title, Nikkole Salter's "Here We Are," that comes out of left field to claim its spot as the showstopper."  Directed by Tamilla Woodard and performed by Russell G. Jones.  Photo Credit: Cherie Tay.

NY Times Offers Praise for Here We Are Vol. 1

Jesse Green of the NY Times calls Theatre For One's online presentation of HERE WE ARE: Part One a "heartbreaker."  Of Lydia Diamond's "whiterly negotiations," performed by Nikkole and directed by Tiffany Nichole Green, Jesse Green declares that the micro play is, "clever," and "effective," particularly in the way it refuses to inform the viewer how to participate.  He adds, "One thing you can't ever feel, because Salter looks right at you, is that you're a disinterested bystander."  Hooray!

Nikkole joins T41's new piece HERE WE ARE

Theatre for One's HERE WE ARE uses micro-plays to respond to the current state of the world.  Nikkole's play HERE WE ARE, performed by Russell Jones, is scheduled for performances starting August 20th.  Nikkole is also performing Lydia Diamond's WHITERLY NEGOTIATIONS, and performances for that play start August 27th.  Buy tickets here.

Western Arts Alliance publishes GROUNDING

Western Arts Alliance (WAA) - a membership association of touring and performing arts professionals engaged in promoting and presenting performing arts throughout the western states and provinces - published Nikkole's TCG speech Grounding in their series promoting Black voices.

Nikkole gets a Lilly Award!!

Nikkole was awarded the Stacey Mindich ‘Go Work in (or on) Theater' Award at the 2020 Lilly's on July 28th along with theatre artists Donnetta Lavinia Grays, Stacey Rose, Whitney White, and Jillian Walker!

New short play by Nikkole Salter in ALL HANDS ON DECK

Nikkole writes a new short play - WAYS AND MEANS - for Project Y's 5th Annual Women in Theatre Festival created by Antu Yacob.  Other plays are written by France-Luce Benson, Sienna Jones and Banna Desta.  Live streaming is on July 26th at 7pm followed by a 2 week accessible replay on Project Y's YouTube channel.

Nikkole Opens the TCG Board Season

Check out "The Next Evolutionary Step," the opening Nikkole gave for the onset of the 2020-21 TCG board season.

American Theatre Interviews Nikkole

American Theatre announces the new officers of Theatre Communications Group - Nikkole Salter, Board Chair, Mara Isaacs, Meghan Pressman and Eileen Morris as vice-chairs, Angela  Lee Gieras and Treasurer and Lisa Portes as Secretary.  In the interview  Salter says, "There’s a reason why we’re lumped together with schools and churches. We provide enrichment services. We help to provide sacred secular spaces for the consideration of humanity, our collective humanity and its expression. And that is a space that we need. We provide spaces where people can practice life. That’s what stories do."  Check out the entire interview here.

BREAKOUT SESSION makes the 2020 Kilroy List

The 2020 Kilroy List honors those women playwrights whose productions were interrupted by COVID-19.  BREAKOUT SESSION in its world premiere at the Cleveland Public Theatre began Feb. 22, 2020.  The run ended a little early due to COVID shut downs in Cleveland.  Here's to seeing all of those productions again!

Nikkole Salter named Chair Person of the Board of TCG

As of July 1, 2020, Nikkole Salter will serve as Chairperson of the Board of the Theatre Communications Group - a national service organization nurturing the ecology of the not-for-profit American theatre industry.  Check out her blog here.

Dear White American Theatre...

Change is afoot in the American Theatre.  To see the full text of the letter click here.  To read more about the movement visit the website.

A Time Such As This

Check out Nikkole's "A Time Such As This" keynote address for TCG's Virtual Conference, June 3, 2020.

The Grounding (aka The Ground On Which We Stand 2.0)

Check out Nikkole's "Grounding" speech for TCG's Convergence People of Color Affinity Session, May 8, 2020.

American Theatre Publishes A TIME SUCH AS THIS

American Theatre Magazine uses its online platform to publish Nikkole's keynote speech, "A Time Such As This," along with the speeches of theatre practitioners of Jamil Jude and Monique Holt.  Read them all here.

HAPPY MILK featuring Angela Lewis

Nikkole Salter participates in the 24 Hour Plays curated by Portia and Russell Jones by writing a monologue about a new mother struggling to reclaim her sense of self, performed by Angela Lewis.  Click the link to see all the monologues!


LINES IN THE DUST is featured on Piper Theatre Company's first virtual reading!!  Join Piper Theatre Productions tomorrow at 7:30pm (EST) 4/27/20, for a live Zoom performance of “Lines in the Dust.”  Directed by John P. McEneny and tech-ed by Vasile Flutur. Featuring Bettina Goolsby , Marcie Henderson , & Soren Kisiel .  There’ll be a short Q&A with Nikkole on Zoom immediately following the performance.

Nikkole featured NY Magazine's Vulture

Helen Shaw covers the impact of COVID-19 on the non-profit theatre arts industry by interviewing TCG Exec. Dir. Teresa Eyring and TCG Policy Advocate Laurie Baskin, and TCG Board Member, Nikkole Salter.  She quotes Salter:  "A lot of what I learned about advocating with my senators in New Jersey is that they need evidence of care — in other words, written notices and letters. Even if the senator personally can see the merit of the request, what they have to do is rally that support, that physical evidence, when they take to their legislative body."

Breakout Session is Reviewed!

Christine Howey of the Cleveland Scene proclaims, "World Premiere of 'Breakout Session (Or Frogorse)' at CPT, Inspired by Cleveland's Consent Decree, is an Admirable Work... What Salter does, she does well and innovatively."

BREAKOUT SESSION on the CW in Cleveland!

Director of the world premiere production of BREAKOUT SESSION at Cleveland Public Theatre is covered by WUAB Channel 43's platform covering community matters, "Focus."  Harry Boomer conducts the interview with BREAKOUT's director Beth Wood and actor Nicole Sumlin.


BREAKOUT SESSION (or Frogorse) receives its world premiere at Cleveland Public Theatre Feb. 22 - Mar. 14, 2020.  A National New Play Network commission for CPT, the story follows a facilitator who explores the wild associations of her subconscious mind as she recalls a mandated implicit-bias training she facilitated for the CPD. Oh, yeah... and there's a, bat, canary, crocodile, elephant and a mantis shrimp.  (NNPN-Cleveland Public Theatre Commission)

BREAKOUT SESSION featured on Idea Stream

Nikkole Salter's BREAKOUT SESSION, a play rooted in an examination of Cleveland's consent decree, is featured on Ideastream WVIZ.  “At the heart of the matter around the consent decree, I found, is the issue of trust. So let's talk about that,” she said.  Hear the entire interview here.

Nikkole joins cast of new Kirsten Greenidge play

Nikkole is slated to join the cast of the world premiere of Kirsten Greenidge's play Our Daughters Like Pillars, directed by Kimberly Senior at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston March 19 - April 20, 2020.

Nikkole at the Cleveland City Club

On Jan. 31st, Nikkole Salter was one of three guests of The City Club of Cleveland's Staging Transformation: Art as Social Activism panel along with CEO of Friends for Life Rehabilitation Services, Omar Kurdi, and Interdisciplinary Designer, Artist, and Professor, Malaz Elgemiabby.  The conversation aired live on public radio and re-aired at 10 a.m. on WVIZ/PBS and at 10 p.m. on WCLV on Sunday, Feb. 2.  Watch the full conversation to the left.

Nikkole is Off-Broadway!

Nikkole Salter is slated to star in the Off-Broadway world premiere of Zora Howard's play STEW at the Walkerspace,  Jan 20 - Feb 22, 2020, directed by Colette Robert.

Vulture says, "...it’s the performances that you’ll remember. They’re all strong, from Dodson, practiced at eye-rolling suffering, to Pollitt, who manages to be a bratty 17-year-old while still hanging onto our sympathy, to Salter, who achieves a weary glamour in her pajamas and head wrap. But Portia is the jewel...Howard makes us hear hundreds of years of pain, knocking to be let in. And Portia—shaking with effort—is the door."

NY Times says, "The excellent cast and the director Colette Robert handle the material deftly...And indeed [playwright Zora] Howard is up to something..."

Time Out says, "[Zora Howard's] intimate 90-minute drama, tautly directed by Colette Robert for page 73, invites a comfortable familiarity, as though we too were in our pajamas at Mama’s kitchen table. When a wake-up call finally arrives, it’s all the more bracing to bolt upright and face the truth."

Theatre Mania says, "Director Colette Robert invites us all into the Tucker home with an intimate production...[she] has craftily led the other three actors to a believable family resemblance. Like Mama, the younger women sport elaborate hairdos, kept under wraps like works of art before an unveiling (impressive hair and wig by Nikiya Mathis)....With humor and warmth, Stew challenges us to consider the life recipes that offer stability and comfort, and the ones that only taste like heartbreak."


The Jersey City School Board and Jersey City City Council help the JCTC production of LINES IN THE DUST extend for one encore performance on Wednesday, Nov. 20th at NJCU's West Side Theatre!  Stay tuned!

Nikkole on Godfather of Harlem

The premiere of Godfather of Harlem is scheduled for Sept. 29, 2019 on Epix.  Nikkole stars as the recurring Flossie in the first episode (don't blink!)!  Then watch Flossie's murder scene (that scene should be at least a minute) by the Italian mob on Episode 9 on Nov. 24th on Epix at 10pm!  

Nikkole on Broadway

Nikkole makes her Broadway debut in RCI Theatrical's production of Robert Schenkkan's play about President LBJ's pursuit for the THE GREAT SOCIETY, directed by Bill Rauch and showing at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theatre.  Nikkole plays 'Coretta Scott King,' wife to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the fictionalized character 'Sally Childress,' loosely based on the life of the first African American secretary to serve a sitting President, Geraldine Whittington.  Previews begin September 6, 2019.  The show runs through November 30, 2019.

Nikkole featured on Hollywood Soapbox

In an interview by John Soltes of Hollywood Soapbox about her roles in THE GREAT SOCIETY, Nikkole asserts, "“As I’ve evolved as an artist and as a storyteller and evolved in my understanding of this power, I find that I’m not just on target in the realm of my purpose, but I’m getting closer and closer to the bullseye,” she said.”

Nikkole featured on Forbes.com

Forbes Women contributor Jeryl Brunner features Nikkole Salter and other female members of the cast of The Great Society in the article 'The Women Who Helped Shape LBJ's Administration'.  “Coretta Scott King says ‘Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in very generation,’” observes Salter. “I hope people see our show and get a sense of the contingency of our collective future and decide to do the work that is necessary to preserve and manifest the values outlined in the American creed.”

BABY STEPS @ the Big Apple Film Festival

BABY STEPS is featured in the fall 2019 Big Apple Film Festival, premiering Wed., Nov. 20th at 6pm @ Cinepolis Theater, Theatre 8 (260 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011).  Get tickets here.

A Solid Thumbs Up for Lines in the Dust at JCTC

In his review of the Jersey City Theater Center's production of LINES OF THE DUST, Jim Testa of NJArts declares, "The play provides a voice to all sides...[Tasha] Williams and [Kerry] Mantle do a magnificent job of capturing the nuances of their characters... “Lines in the Dust” makes for gritty, gripping theater, shining a light — and hopefully, opening a dialogue — on the institutional inequities of our public education system."

Nikkole featured in the Jersey Journal

Playwright Nikkole Salter and director Cheryl Katz are interviewed by David Menzies for the Jersey Journal about the production of Lines in the Dust at the Jersey City Theatre Center's Merseles Studio, starting Friday, Oct. 18, and at the West Side Threatre beginning Nov. 7, 2019.  Menzies says, "Of working with Salter, Katz, who is co-director of The New Jersey Play Lab, said: “On an artistic level, Nikkole writes wonderfully rich, flawed characters. She places these people in really messy situations and challenges them to come out with their moral compass and dignity intact. This makes for great nuanced drama which is really satisfying to explore and to stage.""

Nikkole featured in the upcoming BABY STEPS

Nikkole is featured in the upcoming independent release, BABY STEPS, a hilarious episodic series about an advertising executive turned stay-at-home-mom tries to reconcile her feminism, while scraping banana off the floor. Created and written by Dava Krause and directed by Fia Perera.  Check out the trailer here.

LINES IN THE DUST at the Jersey City Theater Center

The Jersey City Theater Center produces LINES IN THE DUST by Nikkole Salter, directed by NJ Play Lab co-director  Cheryl Katz and starring Kerry Vivian Mantle, Chazz, Tasha Arroyo.  Performances run October 18 - November 3, 2019. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

Crossroads Theatre announces FREEDOM RIDER

The Crossroads Theatre Company presents the World Premiere of a new American play FREEDOM RIDER written by Kathleen McGhee-Anderson, Murray Horwitz, Nathan Louis Jackson, Ricardo Khan and Nikkole Salter; conceived and directed by Ricardo Khan.  The play dramatizes historic journey of the Freedom Riders, following  the journeys of four Riders, each from a different university, city and background.

Reviews are in for the World Premiere of Dominique Morisseau's MUD ROW

Cameron Kelsall of the Philadelphia Inquirer declares, "Half a century later, businesswoman Regine (the remarkable Nikkole Salter) stands as a testament to everything Elsie, her grandmother, sought for herself...Under Steve H. Broadnax III’s immaculate direction, the production similarly has a lot to say.  Salter and [Renika] Williams utterly convince in their strained sisterly bond..."

Rebecca Rendell of Talkin' Broadway asserts, "The entire cast is magnificent, with especially memorable performances by [Tiffany Rachelle] Stewart and [Nikkole] Salter...Morisseau's writing is rich and authentic. Tense, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring, Mud Row pulses with the the love Morisseau feels for her characters and the real life people who inspire them."

David Fox of Reclining Standards calls Nikkole's performance of Regine, "a particular standout in the superb cast."

Ellen Wilson Dilks of Delco Culture Vultures muses, "Nikkole Salter turns in a nicely calibrated performance, and also gives us glimpses of the vulnerability underneath it all.   Both ladies [Salter and Williams] handle the humor well too.  [Bjorn DuPaty's] interactions with Salter's Regine totally ring true - you believe they are a couple."

Dennis Bloh of Philly Life and Culture says, "The production is strong on all levels.  It is the level of quality that has established People’s Light and Theatre as one of the area’s finest professional theaters."

Nikkole performs for Iconic Women

Nikkole performs for Sec. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Gloria Steinem and Diane Von Furstenberg in the show GLORIA: A Life during Women's History Month.

CPT announces new Salter work in their 2019-2020 season!

Cleveland Public Theatre announces Nikkole Salter's new play - BREAKOUT SESSION (or FROGORSE), commissioned by CPT via the National New Play Network, will receive its world premiere as a part of their 2019-20 season, directed by Beth Wood!

TORN wins at the St. Louis Theater Circle Awards

The St. Louis Black Rep's world premiere production of TORN ASUNDER received 3 nominations from the 2019 St. Louis Theater Circle Awards - including Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama (Brandi Threatt) and Outstanding Actress in a Drama (LaShunda Gardner) - and WON for Outstanding New Play!  Congratulations team!!

UNTAMED at the Black Spectrum

To celebrate Women's History Month the Black Spectrum Theatre presents UNTAMED - a presentation of 10 minute plays spotlighting Black womanhood and social perceptions of Black femininity.  Nikkole's PEACE OFFICER PRIVILEGE is a part of the collection.

Friday, March 15th - Saturday, March 16th @ 8 p.m.
Sunday, March 17th @ 4 p.m.
Wednesday, March 20th @ 1 p.m.
Friday, March 22nd - Saturday, March 23rd @ 8 p.m.

VIP Reception

Nikkole snags a recurring role on new series 'Godfather of Harlem'

Nikkole is set to play the part of 'Flossie' on Season 1  of the new Epix series Godfather of Harlem starring Forest Whitaker, written by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein and directed, in part, by John Ridley and Earnest Dickerson.  Airing begins fall 2019.

Breakout Session (aka Frogorse) goes to San Francisco

Director Beth Wood and playwright Nikkole Salter travel to San Francisco to be a part of the Playwrights Foundation's Rough Reading Series.   Showings March 11th and 12th.

LINES at Geva Theatre Center

LINES IN THE DUST is one of three plays selected to be a part of Geva Theatre Center's Hornets' Nest nationally acclaimed play reading series, designed to investigate the most challenging and controversial ethical dilemmas of our time.  The reading will be presented March 25th at 7pm in Rochester.

TORN ASUNDER makes the Top 10 Best of St. Louis Theatre 2018

The St. Louis Black Rep's World Premiere production of TORN ASUNDER - directed by Ron Himes - rates #5 on the best of St. Louis theatre in 2018.  Congratulations team!

The Royale gets Best Drama Award!

The Cleveland Playhouse New Works Festival's production of THE ROYALE received the Best Drama Award from the Cleveland Jewish News.  Bravo!

Nikkole stars in James J. Christy film

Nikkole plays 'REGINA' in James J. Christy's dramatic film Love and Communication about the challenges of raising autistic children.

Nikkole Published in Smith and Kraus' new release 'When the Promise Was Broken'

Nikkole's short play Birthday Wishes is published as a part of Joan Herrington's collection of works inspired by the  music of Bruce Springsteen.

The reviews are in for THE ROYALE!

Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News, "Add dignity and resolve to this list of qualities regarding Salter’s fine performance as Jay’s sister Nina, who is saddled with reminding him of the personal consequences of a fight that Jim Crow America is not yet ready for.

Gwendolyn Kochur,  The Reserve, "[Salter as Nina is]...a force to be reckoned with — well characterizing the strength required of African American women during this time."

Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer     "[Salter as Nina is] imperious and beautiful..."

Christine Howey, The Cleveland Scene, "And Nikkole Salter in the role of Nina adds a quiet tone of despair and approaching doom to the proceedings."

Laura Kennelly, Cool Cleveland, " Nikkole Salter as his sister Nina evoked the thoughtful presence of women who always try to hold things together"

Reviewers Praise TORN at St. Louis Black Rep

Judith Newmark of the St. Louis Post calls TORN "moving," and "absorbing," and proclaims, "...if you have a family, [TORN ASUNDER is] easy to relate to."  

Mark Bretz of the Ladue News declares, "Torn Asunder is a remarkable piece of theater, elevated to epic status by Salter’s marvelous prose and a cadre of searing, unforgettable performances by Himes’ accomplished players...RATING: A 5 on a scale of 1-to-5.”

Tina Farmer of KDHX proclaims TORN is "powerful," and muses, "The Black Rep gives audiences much to consider and reflect upon with a sharply directed world premiere production of “Torn Asunder.” The deeply moving tragedy, drawn from our nation’s history, shows us some unpleasant realities about the slave trade. Stirring, honest and emotionally connected performances ensure the audience cares what happens, and the play’s conclusion is at once sweetly satisfying and devastatingly painful."

Kenya Vaughn of the St. Louis American asserts TORN is "emotional," and, that, "there is an ache that lingers long after the final scene.."

St. Louis critics Bob Wilcox and Gerry Kowarsky of "Two on the Aisle," say about TORN, "The writing is very strong in Salter's script...[the play] deserves wide attention."

St. Louis Limelight calls 'TORN "gut-wrenching"


American Theatre Magazine interviews playwright Nikkole Salter for the World Premiere of TORN ASUNDER at the St. Louis Black Rep., directed by Ron Himes.

“Most people consider family to be the stabilizing institution of their lives,” Salter said. “That’s why when someone comes from a ‘broken family,’ we all tilt our head[s] to the side and go, ‘Oh, what an uphill battle you must have,’ because [family's] such an important source of love and stability in a person’s life and [vital to] their capacity to be able to achieve their destiny. So when you think about how our families were intentionally broken and how we tried to recover, you have a greater appreciation for that family unit.”

Nikkole's KEEPERS published in 2nd 48 Hours in... Harlem Anthology

Harlem 9 has published it's second volume of 10-minute plays from it's Obie Award winning series "48 Hours in...Harlem," and Nikkole Salter's play KEEPERS is included in the publication.  The Drama Bookshop is hosting a reading and discussion in honor of the publication Feb. 5, 2018 at 5pm.