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BY: Nikkole Salter

THE STORY:  It was 1995 in Brooklyn when two young men ex-

perienced the untimely loss of their best friend.  In his honor

they decided then and there that, despite their differences, no

matter where life took them, they would take care of his younger

brother, and get together on the anniversary of his death to cele-

brate the life he should have had.  So, on a cold day in the winter

of 1996, these three 20-somethings board a plane for Rio De Janeiro for a taste of the good life: sun, fun, and, of course, women - what better way to pay homage to a fallen friend?  But what starts out as a joyride takes an unexpected turn and the three sex tourists find themselves in a situation that will change their friendships and their lives forever.



Full Length (Mature & Explicit  Language & Content)
3 Men


CARNAVAL received its world premiere production in an extended run at Luna Stage, Jan. 30 - Mar. 17, 2013, directed by Cheryl Katz.  For information, photos, videos, audio and links to reviews and press from the Luna production click here.


CARNAVAL received its New York City premiere production at Dr. Barbara Ann Teer's National Black Theatre October 21 - November 16, 2014, directed by Awoye Timpo.  This production received seven 2015 AUDELCO nominations for Best Dramatic Production, Best Playwright, Best Director, Best Ensemble Performance, Best Costume Design, Best Scenic Design and Best Sound Design -- and 

WON for Best Ensemble Performance!


Starring: (l to r) W. Tre DavisBjorn DuPaty, and Gabriel Lawrence


Lighting Design:  Alan C. Edwards                              Scenic Design:  Daniel Zimmerman
Costume Design: Latoya Murrary-Berry                      Sound Design: Eric Sluyter

Composer: Kris Bowers                                              Projection Design: Emere Emrigil 

Fight Director: UnkleDave's Fight-House                     Props:  Belynda Hardin

Assistant Director:  Regge Allan Bruce                        Production Manager:  Belynda Hardin

Stage Manager:  Laura Perez                                      


Review: Stage Buddy - Carnaval

By: Lynnette Nicholas 10/28/2014

"The playwright, Obie Award winner Nikkole Salter, takes us on a cutting-edge journey...This is definitely the type of play that you will want to see more than one time."

Review:  New York Theatre Review - When the Party Comes Home

By: Aurin Squire 10/30/2014

"Playwright Nikkole Salter has written a masterful work that surpasses most of the 'serious' plays I have seen on Broadway and off-broadway this season... Throughout many of the scenes there’s this crackling tension in the silences, which is a rare feat because much of Carnaval is uproariously funny and bawdy...Carnaval is a bold and relevant drama that packs a powerful punch."


Review:  Harlem News - National Black Theatre Opens with Carnaval

By: Theresa Racine 10/30 - 11/05/2014

"There are no women in the hard-hitting production, so it is extremely surprising that it was written by a female.  Obie award-winner, Nikkole Salter, transformed herself into the body and mind of a man to create a powerful play."


Review: Arts in Color - CARNAVAL at the National Black Theatre

By: Kimille Howard 10/31/2014

"These actors capture your attention from beginning to end as the tension of the play ebbs and flows until it ultimately culminates in an epic crescendo that leaves you quite flabbergasted."


Review:  Theatre Pizzazz - The Darker Side of Fun

By: Paulanne Simmons 11/03/2014

"When it comes to thought-provoking drama, National Black Theatre certainly has the recipe nailed. Get a hard-hitting story from an ace writer and give it to a talented group of theater professionals. The result is transformative."


Review:  New York Times - Sun, Fun and Trouble in Brazil

By Alexis Soloski 11/09/2014


Feature: Stage Buddy - Obie Award winning Nikkole Salter on Sex Tourism and Carnaval

By: Glenn Quentin 10/17/2014

 "I don't go to foreign countries seeking sex because it isn't my power point, but if I could pay for the thing that would make me powerful for a week would I do it even if it was at the expense of other people?"




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