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The Resources. The Powers. The Laws

The spiritual path refers to the one in which I step into my power as conscious co-creator of my circumstances and experiences in order to manifest my greatest contributions to the evolution of Life on Earth.

What is known in Christianity as "the grace of God," is the fact that I have been given the resources, capacities, and abilities to co-create my circumstances and experiences - I didn't earn them. And grace also refers to the fact that no matter how I've used those resources, capacities, and abilities in the past, I will never be denied access in the present or future. It is my birthright to co-create, and that birthright cannot be taken away under any circumstance.

I am given resources; that is, Energy to access, direct, transform, ally, etc. in a multitude of ways so that I can make that which is invisible become visible, to make that which does not exist on this earthly plane come into existence according to my will and/or inclination. That Energy is inexhaustible. We cannot manufacture it, we cannot kill it.

I am given powers -- an intuition, mind and a body -- to shape those resources into my tangible creations. I am given the power to manifest via imagination, thought, and action. I have the power to choose from the infinite and shape an image, then transform thought energy into something visible through action. By Grace I am a conduit and transformer and alchemist of Energy. This is my nature, I do it whether I want to or not, and my ability cannot be taken away.

I am given tools to access my connection to the Creator - meditation, prayer, ritual, journaling, reading, physical activity, relationships, vision boards/visioning...

I am given reliable, indisputable, and irrefutable natural and spiritual laws with which to engage in this process of co-creation. Co-creation starts with thought/imagination in either the conscious or subconscious plane. I experience, manifest and become what I imagine, think and believe, and I can consciously choose what to harbor in my imagination, my mind and heart. Everything I encounter is divinely designed to help you be able to step more deeply and more firmly into my capacity for conscious co-creation -- everything is for me because all things are One thing expressed as different things.

The first step of conscious co-creation is becoming aware - and maintaining an undying awareness - of who I am, the resources at my disposal, the tools I have been given and the laws with which I must abide. The next step is in connecting to/aligning with that part of Spirit which is within me that seeks to manifest as my life and life experience. The third step is to be about the business of using those resources and tools to manifest that which is seeking expression.

I am still on step one. And have been for decades. It's time for step two and three! What do I want? What do I want to create? I know it has something to do with story. Communication. Emotion. Empathy. Catharsis. Healing. Pathos. Community.

The Gospel?

I am creative by Grace. Blessed at birth, like everyone and everything.

I can consciously manifest my experiences and circumstances according to my understanding of the resources, my tools and the Law.

I can increase my understanding of the resources, my tools and the Law and become more powerful in my capacity to co-create.

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