BY: Nikkole Salter


THE STORY:  2010, Essex County, NJ.  When Denitra loses the charter 

school lottery for her daughter, she must find another way to escape 

from their underperforming neighborhood school. The answer seems

like a risk well worth taking, but may end up requiring a bigger 

sacrifice than she ever could have imagined. Set over a half-

century after Brown Versus The Board of Education, LINES IN THE DUST

questions how far we've come and more importantly, where we go from

here.  (Luna Stage Commission)



Two Acts

2 Women, 1 Man

Graphic by Sean Wiggins

LINES IN THE DUST was commissioned by and received its world premiere at Luna Stage, October 9 - November 9 , 2014, directed by Reginald Douglas.  For information, photos, videos, audio and links to reviews and press from the Luna Stage production click here.  LINES received its regional premiere at the Cleveland Public Theatre June 2 - 18, 2016.  The creative team was as follows:



Directed by Beth Wood

Starring: (l to r) Cast: Kimberly Sias, Nicole Sumlin*, Skip Corris*




Lighting Design:   Wes Calkin                                              Scenic Design:  Douglas Puskas
Costume Design:  Inda Blatch-Geib                                     Composer & Sound Design: Daniel McNamara, Kulas Composer Fellow

Stage Manager:  Sarah Lynne Bailey

Assistant Director: Jaclyn Vogel, Joan Yellen Horvitz Directing Fellow


Review: - Riveting, Edifying and Upsetting "Lines in the Dust" Tackles America's Apartheid Schools at Cleveland Public Theatre

By: Roy Berko Through Sat 06/06/2016

"Nikkole Salter’s edifying and upsetting 'Lines in the Dust'... is a compelling exposé of the politics and operation of the educational system... Salter writes well. The dialogue is compelling, the ideas crystal clear, the characters well etched...The Cleveland Public Theatre’s production, under the focused direction of Beth Woods, grabs and holds attention. The pacing is pitch perfect. The acting is excellent, the author’s intent and purpose crystal clear...Capsule judgment: If you only see one play this year, it should be Lines in the Dust."

Review:  Cleveland Jewish News - Cleveland Public Theatre carves out powerful ‘Lines in the Dust

By: Bob Abelman 06/10/2016

"At first glance, "Lines in the Dust” is one of those issue-driven, pontificating public service plays that are more edifying than entertaining. Not that there’s anything wrong with that... according to the New York Times review of the world premiere production at Luna Stage, the work is “unsatisfying” and “heavy-handed.” Not in this CPT production. Under the compelling direction of Beth Wood, “Lines in the Dust” is wonderful.  The work is tempered by immense artistry that finds a calming rhythm for the play’s impassioned argumentation, bolsters the smaller, personal moments cowering amidst the politics and community outreach, and milks all the drama in the diatribes.  But what turns the play’s education into entertainment are the three incredible actors, who not only give voice to cogent arguments but do so with honest expression, raw emotion and layers of complexity and creativity. Sias, Sumlin and Corris make both sides of the line seem viable, which makes for great theater."

Review: - Cleveland Public Theatre’s production ‘Lines in the Dust’ is every city’s play

By: Mark Horning  06/12/2016

"The production is top notch as each of the three actors fill the stage with their presence... Every so often, theater does what it was intended to do…enlighten and entertain. This show could be the spark that ignites an educational revolution in our country and even the world. See this show, then ask yourself what is broken in our educational system and what you can do about it."

Feature:  WCPN The Sound of the Applause 

By: Dee Perry 06/14/2016



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