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TCG National Conference - Theatre Nation

This conference was a whirlwind, to say the least. I cannot tell you how valuable it is to connect every year with people in the theatre world at all levels working all across the nation, sharing best practices, sharing art, lifting each other up. But, I must say, the highlight for me this year had to have been interviewing playwright Stephen Karam, writer of the TONY nominated play The Humans. What a wonderful person he seemed to be - albeit sneaky in his capacity to take a moment where I was supposed to be interviewing him and turning it into one where he was almost interviewing me! He warned me that he didn't like talking about himself too much. But he couldn't hide from the audience who so appreciated his work and wanted to know all about how it came to be, from his relationship with the Roundabout, to his inspirations for the story, to the building and development of his team of designers, actors, director, crew and stage hands; right on to his opinions about the future of theatre and theatrical storytelling. What an unforgettable Conference!

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