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February 25, 2017

I walk a fine line called comparison.  I cannot exist without it.  I can only describe who I am in relation to all things.  Or can I... The only other way would be to describe myself as all things - one with them.  Not separate, not distinct, not different, not a part or an aspect of... one and the same.  That's the only other way.  I am One.  


Comparison is only unhelpful... a slippery slope... it only becomes problematic when you forget that you are One Nikkole.


Wonderful things happening for other people are not a condemnation for you... they are an invitation to experience wonderful things.


What do I want?

To live in the flow (on the bullseye where all of my talents and skills and resources coalesce around the creation and distribution of the greatest gifts I have to give the world...and the world is ready to receive them with open arms)


I could spend time talking about what I perceive to be wrong, but that is a waste of time.


What do I perceive to be right?


I am giving my gifts.  

I am loved and love.

Opportunities abound and come forth continuously.

Inspiration abounds.

I am alive.



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