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BY: Nikkole Salter

THE STORY:  2001.  The Davis family meets for 
what should be

a fun holiday season in their native Tulsa,OK.  But when Lois

insists the family join a class-action law suit for reparations,

old family wounds are ripped open and we discover that the

government isn't the only one being asked to apologize.  80

years after the Tulsa Race Riots, REPAIRING A NATION explores

the complexity of inherited wounds, the nature of apology and

the possibility of reconciliation.


Full Length, Two Act
3 Women, 2 Men


REPAIRING A NATION received Honorable Mention on the Killroy's 2015 second annual edition of "The List," an initiative designed to promote gender parity in the production of theatre in the U.S.

REPAIRING A NATION received a first production at Crossroads Theatre Company in New Brunswick, NJ, Feb. 26 - Mar. 8, 2015 directed by Producing Artistic Director, Marshall Jones, III.  That same production was featured at the National Black Theatre Festival August 6 -8, 2015 and taped for PBS Thirteen's Theater Close-Up series, to be streamed online and broadcast 4 times over 3 years beginning February 18, 2016.  This production was named one of New Jersey's Top Theatre Productions in 2015 by  For press, reviews, photos, video, etc. from the Crossroads production, click here.


REPARING A NATION received its Chicago premiere at ETA Creative Arts Nov. 13, 2015 - Jan. 3, 2016 directed by Kamesha Khan.  

This production was nominated for Best Production by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago

Starring: (l to r) Candice Jeanine, Darren Jones, Felisha McNeal, Juwan Lockett & N. LaQuis Harkins

Lighting Design: Darryl Goodman                       Scenic Design: Tianyu Qui
Costume Design:  Andrea Brown                         Sound Design:   Mahmoud Khan

Casting Director:  Tamara Sibley                         Tech Crew:  Flora Montes & Abigail Coleman                                                             Stage Manager: Patience Rayford

Voice Over Artist: Troi Tyler                                Costume Asst: Phyllis Curtwright

Understudies: Regina W. Mays and Christopher Taylor

LINKS TO PRESS​ & REVIEWS from the ETA Production

Review: South Side Weekly - ROTTEN MEMORY


"The purpose of theater in Repairing a Nation is to highlight the ghastly damages concealed by an elite, privileged interpretation of history... The terror onstage isn’t gratuitous: its realism has a civically critical function.  Repairing a Nation ... makes a convincing case that pain far outlives our ancestors. If unaddressed, their sorrows are incorporated into the very structures we take for granted, feeding the future on a rotten memory."


Review: Chicago Reader - REPAIRING A NATION

By Jena Cutie 

"Charismatic performances highlight Salter’s wit and control...


Patron Review: Yelp - REPAIRING A NATION

By Robert G.

"Repairing a Nation by Nikkole Salter is a great play...the director and all the actors did an magnificent job bringing it to life. I really think this was one of the best plays I have ever seen anywhere in Chicago. It made me think, you can go downtown and you can spend more money but you won't see a better play."



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